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mariko tsuchiyama

Code Necklace Mint- Green&Blue

Code Necklace Mint- Green&Blue

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South Sea pearl, Akoya pearl, sterling silver, cotton  Length: 120cm

Artisanal crafted, knitted necklace with integrated pearls and silver. Made with a soft and lustrous Egyptian cotton that is OEKO certified (tested for safety, environmental friendliness, social working conditions). These necklaces are crafted with handmade elements and organically formed pearls making each one unique.

The pearls are threaded onto the necklace during the knitting process, once finished the handmade cord is fastened to handmade silver clasps that allow for easy styling/wrapping.


14 working days until we are ready for a shipment


Sterling silver, Tahitian pearl, South Sea pearl


Pearl: 7mm-11mm Length: 120cm

Care Instructions

After using, please wipe the pearl with a dried soft cloth. They are affected by lighting, so please keep it in a case for storage. Pearls are vulnerable to moisture and dryness, so please take them out of the case and put them in the air. Meanwhile don’t keep them in the case for a long time, wear it occasionally as it’s important to make them breathe.

If you scrape or rub against a hard surface, the pearl will be damaged and lose its original luste. Please not to allow the pearl to touch hard objects such as sharp metal.

Please remove your ring when cooking, washing, bathing, or swimming in the pool. Pearls possess enough hardness to wear daily but soaking them in the water frequently could damage the surface and thread.

For a string neckless or a bracelet design it’s highly recommend for customers to change the thread every eight-ten years. Please contact us if you wish to change the thread.

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