About the Designer

Established in 2016, the Mariko Tsuchiyama brand offers contemporary jewellery collections that are hand-sculpted and set with sustainably sourced pearls. Mariko takes inspiration from the tranquil beaches of her youth and the untamed coastlines of Brighton where she now resides. Like a polished pebble shaped by gentle waves, Mariko’s jewellery intimately links to the rhythms and textures of the natural world. 

 Having lived in Hong Kong, Paris, Barcelona, and many other vibrant places, her creative processes are enriched by a myriad of precious objects, textures and memories. In her studio overlooking the ocean, the coastline serves as a source of inspiration. Assisted by skilled artisans from the local community, each piece is crafted by hand, skilfully integrating silversmithing techniques. Mariko and her team solely use recycled gold and work with sustainable and eco-conscious methods. 

The Mariko Tsuchiyama brand has gained international recognition from several boutiques and retailers. Her collections are known for their innovative use of pearls, thoughtfully designed and hand-crafted with a personalised touch. Her contemporary jewellery collections embody a gender-neutral and modern sensibility, appealing to wearers of all backgrounds. 


Mariko Tsuchiyama's jewellery immortalises the power of nature in designs of timeless sophistication. 


Mariko Tsuchiyama's mesmerising pieces romanticise the imperfections, dimples, waves and marks that characterise real pearls 

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